Feb 15 2011

The Hi-Sea on Topsail Island in Surf City (Ocean Front)

The Hi-Sea on Topsail Island in Surf City, North Carolina, has direct ocean access. The three bedroom, two bath, cottage was fully renovated prior to the 2009 rental season. Enjoy relaxing ocean breezes and walks on the beach. The home is pet friendly.

Feb 15 2011

Ocean Views of The Hi-Sea on Topsail Island

The Hi-Sea Direct Ocean Front on Topsail Island in Surf City Deck Photo
The Hi-Sea Direct Ocean Front on Topsail Island in Surf City Deck Photo

The Hi-Sea continues to be one of the most sought after cottages on Topsail Island in Surf City, North Carolina. The home has a tremendous rental history and provides guests with a cozy home away from home.  


Sep 1 2014

Nearly 50 Years in the Making, Triad Park Nears Completion

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — Sunday marked exactly three months since the Carolina Field of Honor opened to the public. Now, officials are looking forward to opening the next set of attractions.

After nearly 50 years in the making, Triad Park has entered its eighth phase of completion.

“It has an amphitheater that will accommodate about 3,000 people. It has a new picnic shelter that will accommodate about 300 people, a smaller shelter and a disc golf course, and a lot of trails that will also come with different types of uses too,” Forsyth County Parks and Recreation Director Mike Anderson said.

Anderson said Parks and Rec received a lot of requests for the disc golf course. He said it will be 7,200 square feet and quite challenging.

“It’s an 18-hole course, and it has two sets of tees—one for more advanced players and one for more beginner type players,” he said. “It’s really going to be a tremendous course for these golf players.”

And, it isn’t the typical course.

“It runs around all through the woods, through the fields in the different parts of the park,” Anderson said.

With the nice weather, he said construction on the new elements is right on track. Hodgen Construction Company started the current phase of project in mid-May.

“We’re hoping that we’ll be finished by the end of the year,” said Hodgen Construction Vice President Page Kluttz. “The goal is to get the park in use and have them start using it in the spring, so we’ll be done with our construction by the end of the year.”

Kluttz said this park is already a family favorite, so she’s glad to help further its development with the new recreation aspect.

“We’re excited to see it open and the addition of the amphitheater,” Kluttz said.

The 426-acre park has been a combined effort between Forsyth and Guilford counties. It’s on schedule to have all attractions finished and open by the spring.

Article source: http://coastalnc.twcnews.com/content/news/triad/711333/nearly-50-years-in-the-making--triad-park-nears-completion/

Sep 1 2014

Stem Cell Research for ALS Causes Concern in Catholic Community

CHARLOTTE—The ALS ice bucket is almost impossible to avoid online; but the challenge, specifically the type of research that it’s proceeds may be funding, have some in the Catholic church giving pause.

“There is some concern among a lot of Catholics that the ALS foundation has done a little bit of embryonic stem cell research. And even a little bit can be too much” said David Hains, the Communications Director for the Charlotte Diocese.

Hains said the Diocese, along with others around the country, oppose the use of embryonic stem cells for any sort of medical research. Its research the ALS Association, prime beneficiary of the challenge, has reportedly used in the past.

“In order to do embryonic stem cell research, you have to destroy an embryo. An embryo is life it is a human being even though it has an almost countable number of cells” said Hains.

Since the challenge went viral, raising upwards of $100 million for the ALS Association this summer, Catholic organizations around the country have been grappling with how to couple support for a cure with the reality of their faith.

Charlotte ALS research leader Dr. Benjamin Brooks said it can be done.

“So there are alternative ways that the stem cell research can move forward not involving fetal research. I think if people want to contribute to ALS research, one can demarcate where it should go,” said Dr. Brooks.

Hains said the Diocese still wants Catholics to donate to ALS, but support organization’s whose scientific practices are fully in line with their personal religious values.

Article source: http://triadnc.twcnews.com/content/news/711330/stem-cell-research-for-als-causes-concern-in-catholic-community/

Sep 1 2014

Many Fans Supportive of Tony Stewart’s Return to Racing

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. — Tony Stewart is getting back behind the wheel after a stepping away from racing for three weeks. The last race he was a part of was the Lucas Oil Super Sprint feature race at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park on August 9, 2014.

It was a deadly accident on the track that shook this racing community. Stewart was in involved in a crash that killed fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr.
Stewart announced Friday that he will make his return to racing in an effort to start healing. It was there he spoke publicly for the first time about the accident. “I’ve taken the last couple of weeks off out of respect for Kevin and his family and to cope with the accident in my own way,” said Stewart.

Stewart is expected to hit the track Sunday at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Debby Vaughn of Canandaigua was at the Motorsports Park on Saturday and said she’s not surprised by the news.

“It’s a passion,” said Vaughn. “Like any driver and any fan, you’ll want to be back out there. It will be hard he has a lot to deal with, but he has a lot of fan support.”

Following Ward’s death, Stewart missed three consecutive races in NASCAR’s premier series. Jordan Clarke said it’s time for him to get back out on the track.

“That’s where he feels most comfortable. That’s where he puts his mind to ease,” said Clarke. “Yes it was a tragic thing, but he’s a driver and it’s a cut throat sport. If his hands are itching, he needs to go back in the car.”

David VanHoover of Williamson agreed. “I think that’s an individual decision. As a racer they say you get back to yourself in the car. He’s back in his own environment. I think it was up to him. I think he decided and only he made that decision to get back in the car.”

While some fans agree it’s time for Stewart to start racing again, they say it doesn’t erase what happened here on this track.

“As for Tony, he’s going to think about that himself,” said William Weller of Rochester. “He’s going to remember that for the rest of his life. It’s a terrible tragedy. We all have to move on, let time heal, and remember his life as a great driver.”

Stewart’s return to racing comes as Ontario County Sheriff Phil Povero announced the investigation into Ward’s death is still ongoing. Povero said the investigation will continue for at least another two weeks.

Article source: http://charlotte.twcnews.com/content/news/711326/many-fans-supportive-of-tony-stewart-s-return-to-racing/

Sep 1 2014

20-year-old Woman With Autism Found Safe

CHARLOTTE—A Charlotte woman with autism, who had been missing almost 12 hours, has been found.

Family members say she left her home on Sunset Boulevard at about 11 p.m. Saturday.

Police and firefighters searched through the night. the woman was found at her next door neighbor’s home at about 10:30 Sunday.

Article source: http://triadnc.twcnews.com/content/news/charlotte/711324/20-year-old-woman-with-autism-found-safe/

Sep 1 2014

Authorities Investigate Fish Kill on Neuse River

NEW BERN—A “fish kill” on the Neuse River is under investigation.

The fish were found along the shore near Flanners Beach on Sunday morning.

There is no information on what may have killed them, but typically when a fish kill occurs they’re taken to NOAA for testing.

A similar problem happened last October when millions of dead fish washed ashore along the river.

They died from a mold called invadens, which causes sores on the fish.

Article source: http://triadnc.twcnews.com/content/news/coastal/711331/authorities-investigate-fish-kill-on-neuse-river/

Sep 1 2014

Authorities Investigate Fish Kill on Neuse River

NEW BERN—A “fish kill” on the Neuse River is under investigation.

The fish were found along the shore near Flanners Beach on Sunday morning.

There is no information on what may have killed them, but typically when a fish kill occurs they’re taken to NOAA for testing.

A similar problem happened last October when millions of dead fish washed ashore along the river.

They died from a mold called invadens, which causes sores on the fish.

Article source: http://charlotte.twcnews.com/content/news/coastal/711331/authorities-investigate-fish-kill-on-neuse-river/

Aug 31 2014

African-American Cultural Festival Fills Streets of Downtown Raleigh

RALEIGH—The African-American cultural festival began Saturday morning and the weekend-long event is jam packed with family fun activities, including music, dance, art and food.

The fifth annual celebration highlights art, music, food, and dance of the African-American culture.

Last year 25,000 people came out and hit the streets of downtown Raleigh and they are hoping to have an even bigger turn out this year.

The great part about the festival is that it’s free and open to everyone who wants to attend.

“The stereotype for African-American males is that it’s always something negative. And so come out here and see something like this where everybody is in a positive environment and celebrating their culture and doing something good in general just kind of makes me smile,” said attendee Zayah Feaster.

The event is sponsored by a number of organizations including Time Warner Cable. Anchor Anthony Austin took a break from behind the desk to emcee.

If you could not make it out Saturday, the celebration will continue Sunday from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Article source: http://coastalnc.twcnews.com/content/news/triangle/711314/african-american-cultural-festival-fills-streets-of-downtown-raleigh/

Aug 31 2014

Star Havelock High School Football Player Arrested

HAVELOCK—A star wide receiver for Havelock High School is in jail.

Police say Michael Bowman, 18, stole computer equipment from an elementary school.

Bowman is accused of stealing six iPads and 10 iPods while employed by a private company to clean the school. He faces 16 counts of misdemeanor larceny.

Bowman had committed to play for the University of South Carolina after graduation.

Article source: http://centralnc.twcnews.com/content/news/coastal/711303/star-havelock-high-school-football-player-arrested/

Aug 31 2014

Bertha effects seen along shore

Tropical storm Bertha stayed far enough offshore that it passed by the North Carolina coast with little notice — unless you were headed to the beach.

While the storm was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm and stayed more than 200 miles off the coast, the National Weather Service issued a beach hazards statement and rip current advisory Tuesday for all area beaches.

Swells from the storm produced a high risk of rip currents and dangerous shore break. And the increased threat can continue even after the storm has passed.

“The potential is still there,” said meteorologist Bel Melendez with the National Weather Service office in Newport.

The surf conditions didn’t look particularly threatening along Topsail Island or Bogue Banks Tuesday morning but officials at beach towns were reminding beachgoers venturing outside after all the rain to use caution in the water.

The Town of Surf City had reminders about the high risk of rip currents posted on its Facebook page along with photos from the beach, including surfers taking advantage of the waves.

“We always remind people about rip currents but particularly on days like this, when there is a storm,” said Surf City Tourism Director Allan Libby. “It can be deceiving because the surf doesn’t look bad.”

The rip current risk covered all beaches along the North Carolina coast.

On Bogue Banks, the beach was quiet after four days of rain.

But the crowds will be back on the beach and the reminder of rip currents is an ongoing one, said Capt. Casey Arthur of the Atlantic Beach Fire Department, which includes a beach patrol and lifeguards.

“With a storm offshore the risk of rip current goes up, but rip currents are always there,” he said.

Rip currents are powerful, channeled currents of water flowing away from shore. They typically extend from the shoreline, through the surf zone, and past the line of breaking waves. Rip currents can occur at any beach with breaking waves, according to NWS information.

Arthur said people easily panic when caught in a rip current but it’s important to stay calm and not to fight the current. Swim, float or tread water until out of the current and then swim parallel to shore away from the current and then toward shore.

“If you get caught in a rip current, try not to panic and fight the current and swim parallel to shore,” Arthur side.

Draw attention to yourself by waving arms or yelling for help.

The concern with a storm like Bertha, he said, is that it is so far offshore that people aren’t aware that it can still bring indirect impacts such as heavy surf and an increased risk of rip currents.

“You can’t see the storm but there can still be effects,” Arthur said.

The Beach Hazards Statement included Onslow and Carteret counties and extended north along the Outer Banks.

It advised of surf of 6 to 8 feet and dangerous shore break as well.

Shore break occurs when waves break directly on the beach. The most common injuries with strong shore break are neck and back injuries, which most often occur when the surf throws a swimmer head first into the bottom, according to the NWS.

Article source: http://www.jdnews.com/news/local/bertha-effects-seen-along-shore-1.354944/

Aug 31 2014

Insurance rate request calls for 30-percent hike along coast

A public comment period is open for a proposed insurance rate hike that could mean an average 30-percent increase in homeowner policies across 18 coastal counties.

The N.C. Department of Insurance said this week that it has received a homeowners rate filing from the North Carolina Rate Bureau. The Rate Bureau, which represents the property insurance companies doing business in the state, requested a statewide average increase of 17.7 percent. It is also requesting that the new rates take effect June 1, 2013.

Several area organizations say the filing shows the same discrepancies they’ve seen with past requests, with coastal counties bearing the brunt of the increases.

The Business Alliance for a Sound Economy, which includes the Jacksonville Board of Realtors and Topsail Island Association of Realtors among its members, said that while an average increase of 30 percent is proposed across the coastal counties, other areas of the state would see increases of only 1.2 percent.

And the 2012 filing follows rate increases that coastal homeowners have faced in every rate cycle since 1992.

“It comes down to the equity of it,” said Cameron Moore, governmental affairs director for BASE

In reviewing the rate filing, Mooresaid there are several new issues, including the addition of reinsurance costs in the rulemaking and proposed rates based on $75,000 worth of coverage instead of the previous $150,000.

According to the filing, the proposed rate per $75,000 for coverage for Territory 8, which includes the coastal areas of Onslow, Pender and Carteretcounties, would jump from $1,522 to $1,979.

For Territory 52, which includes the inland areas of the same counties, the rate would increase from $1,050 to $1,365.

“We certainly think it’s unjustified,” said Willo Kelly, president of NC-20, a group of individuals, local governments and businesses promoting economic development in the state’s coastal counties.

NC-20 fought against the 2009 rate increases and plans to oppose the latest as well.

Kelly said they’ll be talking about the insurance rate issue during its Eastern Issues Symposium to be held Wednesday, Oct. 10, in MoreheadCityand they plan to have members attend the public hearing on the requested rate hike in Raleigh.

Legislation passed earlier this year mandates that the insurance commissioner call a public comment period on any Rate Bureau property insurance rate filing within 30 days of the filing.

A public comment session is scheduled for Oct. 17 from 9:30 a.m.to 4 p.m.in the Jim Long Hearing Room of the DobbsBuilding, 430 N. Salisbury St., Raleigh.

Written comments can be submitted through Oct. 19. Comments can be emailed to 2012homeowners@ncdoi.gov or sent to: NCDOI; Attn. Bob Mack; Property Casualty Division; 1201 MailServiceCenter; Raleigh, NC.27699-1201.

The rate filing is available for public review on the Department of Insurance website at pserff.ncdoi.net/pc.html. Enter Serff Tracking Number NCRI-128708881.


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Article source: http://www.jdnews.com/news/local/insurance-rate-request-calls-for-30-percent-hike-along-coast-1.24180